John D. Saunders III – About

Writer/Novelist/Music Enthusiast & Creative Thinker…(or so I like to think so)

“A tarnished glass of cognac coupled with a case of insomnia can feed the most creative facets of a writer’s soul. “

“Sometimes, in the depth of night, when sleep deprivation causes the lax feeling of euphoria, I have my best ideas.  I’m an amateur writer, at best, but it’s my passion.  Through my favorite medium, I’m able to voice my opinion on the state of our current society, my passion for the aesthetics of organized noise, and the food that causes even gluttons to salivate.  This is my world, and as twisted and contorted as my thoughts are spewed, I thank you for joining my in my voyage.  Feel free to follow my blog at your leisure.”

“I come alive in the nighttime.” but during the day, I’m a “Digital Nerd”, with adept skills in:

  • Social Media Management & Implementation (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest…)
  • Google Analytics
  • WordPress Site Creation & Optimization
  • Website Content Creation
  • Copywriting
  • Keyword Optimized Blog Content

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