Managing Your Twitter Followers


It’s the micro-blogging juggernaut that’s taken over your social life. You’re addicted to tweeting your follies, questions, and curiosities to people you’ve met at networking events, friends that you keep in touch with, and that one follower who seems to be “retweeting” your every word. If you’re like us, then you need some organization to the 50 bazillion followers you communicate with online.

Here’s where we come in. There’s a tool, unbeknownst to millions of Twitter followers, that allows you to organize your followers into lists. To explain, lets say you go to an event, in our case “Digital Dealer 2012”, which is a huge cultivation of the automotive industry’s best and brightest digital marketing minds. Over the course of this trade show, we met several pivotal Twitter followers that we would like to keep up with. First, we followed them on Twitter.

Then, we hit the drop down right next to the Follow button.

Now, you can either add that individual to an existing list, or create a new one. Once you place that individual in their respective list, you can access your Twitter followers according to the title. In our example, the list is called: Digital Dealer 2012

So, to access your live Twitter feed with ONLY the individuals you want to see in the list you created, hit the drop down in the top menu, and click Lists.

Now, you’re able to organize your Twitter followers into unlimited Lists, tapping into your Twitter potential and organizing your followers to keep tabs on industry-wide individuals.

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Lana Del Rey – National Anthem

The beautiful, Lana Del Rey, is the future.  She emanates a nostalgic, natural aesthetic that captures the heart of 1950’s Americana.  Her cinematic sound is uncanny, involving a mix of cinematic presentation and filters with references to pop culture.  Her newest tune: “National Anthem” is a beautiful song with a deeper message, utilizing a film filter that gives it a classic feel.  Also, it features hip-hop rising star A$AP Rocky as her love interest, as they paint a natural chemistry in this new video. Oh! There’s also SEVERAL JFK references in the video…check it out!

Great Video.

Beautiful, Lana.

Long Live A$AP.

Awesome Lego Ad

When I was a kid, we used our IMAGINATION (jeez, I sound like an old dude).  Anyway, this photo is the entire embodiment of my childhood: simple & effective.

Martí Borafull – Capturing the Heart of the City (Artist)

I’m from New York, and like most New Yorkers, I let everyone know I’m from New York…Brooklyn to be more specific.  My city was built on the embrace of liberty and cognitive hard work, a combination that shows in every street corner.  New York is a place that seems to be entrusted as, most would say, the center of the universe, but I apologize, I digress…

As an avid fan of contemporary modernism, abstract and just insanely great art, I’m dedicating my post to Martí Borafull, a painter from Barcelona who utilizes  an original distribution of painting space, thanks to an innovative way to display colors, textures and discretely including modern mix-media elements as collage into the canvas composition.  In other words, his pieces have an aesthetic feel that revels in its simplicity and beauty.  I’ve incuded some of his pieces below, as well as a link to his site.  Enjoy!

Martí Borafull Official Site –

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A Quote From Mark Twain

This quote is not (Unknown), it’s actually from the legendary poet, writer, and thinker: Mark Twain. Do what you love, easier said than done, but nothing in life worth having is easy…

Is Your Site “Mobile” Yet?

Smartphone users nationwide are utilizing their phones for more than just conversation. They’re using them to find YOU…and when they do, how will you be portrayed?  Mobile websites make it simple for users to interact quickly, effectively and easily with their smartphones to check out the website they’re looking for. If your business is local, nationwide, or even worldwide, you expect your customers to find you. A mobile website is an effective medium for consumers on the go.

When you visit a normal website on a mobile phone, it usually becomes difficult to navigate because the small screen may not be large enough to accommodate a website made for a regular screen monitor or laptop.  Countless companies offer top-notch mobile website design services that help you reach your target audience effectively, while maintaining the aspect ratio of your website in a condensed and neatly positioned format that’s simple to read and easy to use. Services include:
Mobile Website Optimization

Allows conversion of your normal website into a mobile version while maintaining content and optimization from the full site.

Regular Website & Mobile Sync

Any changes that you request or make on your regular website are automatically updated on your mobile site…for free.

Countless Design Options

Select from a variety of our templates or an original Herman Advertising mobile website design that fits your specific business.


Add a click-to-call button to make it easy for your customers to contact you. One push of the screen and your consumer can make a call to your business in seconds…directly from your mobile website


A simple, effective way for visiting consumers to text your business information to a friend in seconds.

Mobile Analytics

Keep track of all your mobile website traffic and site visitors

Mobile Map w/Directions

Add a mobile map to your site with step-by-step directions to your business from their location

For details, leave a comment below!

Kanye West – Mercy (Official Video)

“I work them long nights, long nights to get a pay day (Huh!)
Finally got paid, now I need shade and a vacay” – epitome of my LIFE!