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How to Archive & Save Your ENTIRE Facebook Profile

Paranoia.  It’s a feeling that’s been ingrained in us long before personal sanitizer gave germophobes a temporary safe haven.  We’ve always been taught to “take precaution,” “be careful,” “don’t touch that”…and a ton of other one-liners that make curious children cringe.

This is also evident in our daily routine, as well, creating a safe barrier between the decisions you make and the world around you.  What if, and I’m speaking hypothetically here, your Facebook page somehow became corrupt and you lost ALL of your profile information?  For someone who’s not as engaged as the average American, they would only suffer nominal consequences.  But for an individual who uses it for their connections and life stream, they would lose all hope in Facebook, social media and the human race (ok, maybe I’m being a bit too dramatic).

Anyway, Facebook contains thousands of moments we hold dear to us, including:  photos and videos we’ve shared on Facebook, wall posts that include milestones and personal moments we’ve shared with friends (i.e. the purchase of a home, marriage, children photos, etc.) friends names and conversations, as well as your entire online identity.

For me, I imagine being 75, showing my grandchildren the milestones and moments in my life that are important by scrolling through my Facebook Timeline.

So, you ask, how do I keep MY profile? It’s simple, archive it.

To use the profile downloader, sign into Facebook and click the down arrow next to the Home button in the top-right corner.  Choose Account Settings and click “Download a copy of your Facebook data” at the bottom of the window.

Enter the account password, click “Continue” then choose “Start My Archive.”

Facebook combines your profile into a nifty ZIP file that’s available to download in a little less than two hours (verification is sent via e-mail).  Once you open the ZIP file, you’re welcomed with a stripped down version of your Facebook profile, which includes your wall, photos, friends and messages. It’s as simple as that! Archive away!